Direct compensation payments in 2012 were made from the Central and Eastern European Fund (CEEF). Beginning in January 2013, CEEF payments increased to €300 per month from €260 due to Claims Conference negotiations with the German government. Negotiations also opened the Hardship Fund to applicants living in the former Soviet Union, as of November 2012. The Claims Conference negotiates on an ongoing basis with the German government to include additional Nazi victims in compensation programs, increase payments, and provide increased funds for social services.

Without Hesed Rakhamim in Minsk, many of the elderly and physically disabled Jewish victims of Nazism would have no access to medical equipment or homecare and would have limited ability to pay for heating in the winter. In 2012, approximately 6,400 Nazi victims received services, including food cards, fresh food sets, meals-on-wheels, homecare, and winter relief. These services were also provided in 252 periphery towns and cities.